Jung Woo Sung


Jung Woo-sung




March 20 1973


Seoul, South Korea






The Fox with Nine Tails (1994)


Lee Jung-woo

Jung Woo-sung (정우성 ) (born March 20,1973) is Korean actor who started as Lee Jung-wooin ATHENA. he was youngset of four children (two brothers and sister) Jung grew up at poor neighourhood and dropped out of Kyung-gi Commercial High School to pursed into acting career. in 1994 he made debut The Fox with Nine Tails with Ko So-Young followed by Beat(1997) and Love (1999). in 2001 he stared with Chinese Actress Ziyi Zhang in Musa directed by Kim Sung-Su and Mutt Boy (2003) and A Moment to Remember (2004) . Jung also stared Daisy directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Andrew Lau with Korean actors Jeon Ji-hyun and Lee Seung-jae . in 2009 he won best supporting actor in Asian Film Awards for his role The Good, the Bad, the Weird by Kim Ji-woon when he played a bounty hunter named Park Do-won who was The Good with Lee Byung-hun and Song Kang-ho and stars John Woo's film Reign of Assassins (2010) when he played martial art artist who falling in love with Michelle Yeoh's character who actually killed his father it was Jung's second HK film after Shanghai Grand (1999). He dating Lee Ji-ah whom they meet on set in Athena the couple announced to fans until he was found out Ji-ah actually married to Seo Taeji. he and Lee Byung-hun started with Dream Racers (1995 ) and The Good The Bad and The Weird (2008). now Lee started as Kim Hyun-jun in Iris and Jung played Lee Jung-woo

he also friends with Jang Dong-gun,Joo Jin-moo,Ko So-young and Lee Jung-jae

Jung is only one who played main protagonist who is unmarried because Lee Byung Hun and Jang Hyuk were married men


  • Stakeout (2013) as James
  • The Killer (2011)
  • Reign of Assassins (2010) - Jiang A-sheng
  • A Good Rain Knows (2009)
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Weird (2008)
  • The Restless (2006)
  • Daisy (2006)
  • Sad Movie (2005)
  • A Moment to Remember (2004)
  • 'Mutt Boy (2003)
  • Musa the Warrior (2001)
  • Love (1999)
  • Phantom: The Submarine (1999)
  • City of the Rising Sun (1998)
  • Beat (1997)
  • Motel Cactus (1997)
  • Born to Kill (1996)
  • Shanghai Grand (1996)
  • The Fox with Nine Tails (1994)

Tv SeriesEdit

  • Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats (SBS 2011)
  • Good Life ~Arigatou, Papa. Sayonara~ (Fuji TV / 2011) - doctor (ep.6+)
  • Athena: Goddess of War | (KBS2 / 2010-2011) as Lee Jung-woo
  • 1.5 (MBC / 1996)
  • Dream Racers (SBS / 1995)